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We hope this issue finds you thawing out or drying out for those who have had recent winter weather. In central Texas, we seem to be varying from 20 degrees to 70 degrees within the same week, if not the same day.

We welcome you to the busy spring issue that covers both a lot of shows through February, March and April along with breeding time and birthing time for many farms. Spring always comes with a new excitement and new plan for the upcoming year and this issue is well diversed with many varied breeds you may want to learn more about. The articles in this issue are very informative and be sure to welcome the new farms and businesses as well.

We continue to grow and change and market you in every aspect. You are able to have print ads, online ads, show coverage and social media marketing with us. Don't forget the 2017 Directory, which allows you to expand your marketing options even more.

We are happy to say we are now into our twentieth year of American Livestock Magazine being published. In fact, most of the same people still serve you today as have for many years. We enjoy making long-term relationships with you and assisting in your marketing needs.

Remember to watch Facebook for your farm or business to be featured if you are a part of the 2017 Directory and watch for once a week marketing tips from us there as well. Occasionally, there will be “Facebook challenges” in which your sharing and tagging can result in a “Facebook advertising prize”.

Call now to be sure you are in the Summer issue which is out May, June and July and to be sure you are also in the 2017 Directory. We look forward to the new year with friends old and new and to the enjoyment of helping meet your marketing needs.

Enjoy spring,
Your American Livestock Family

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