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Welcome to the spring issue and 2016! As we begin our 19th year, we are pleased to say that we both continue to grow and we continue to diversify. We are glad that we are able to serve so many of you completely from the smallest of farms to the largest, and we take great pride in being there for you and for all of your needs.

We are excited to say this is our most diversified issue to date, and we couldn’t be prouder to add the newest breeds. We have more in store coming for our summer issue with the expectation of further diversifying and growing the newest of sections from this issue; so stay tuned. We strive in each issue to bring you something new and exciting and to find more ways to serve and market you.

As we continue to expand our reach, please remember to send in show and event information for our events list. It is a free service, and we love having your input to be sure we stay well informed. Send complete detailed information to us and we will include it in the upcoming issues. Also, remember that American Livestock Magazine is a full marketing service for you to utilize, other than just your ads. If you need banners, catalogs, flyers or any marketing service, call us and we can help. We are more than just a magazine, taking you from idea to finished product...whatever that product may be.

We are looking forward to a strong and wonderful year, sharing your information nationwide in print, online and through social medias. Remember to think ahead to the next issue, being the summer issue serving May, June and July and to your plans for the year.

Here’s to a great 2016, and we will be talking to you very soon.

Have a great spring,
The American Livestock Magazine Staff

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