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Welcome to SPRING!!!!

It's amazing to imagine warmer temperatures as the thermometer has currently been plummeting due to another arctic blast. What has begun as a brutally cold winter will hopefully lend itself to a prosperous spring for everyone.

We would like to thank all the advertisers as well as the numerous authors that have contributed to this issue. Within these pages you will find farms that are more than happy to help with your own endeavors. The sharing of information and experiences enriches and broadens the breadth of knowledge available, whether you're new to the industry or a veteran, and makes it easier to communicate about the marketplace and practices. What one individual finds beneficial can help to encourage others to reap those same benefits and possibly discover new and improved methods.

With spring, comes the numerous shows and events across the country. Please, everyone take care in traveling as you showcase your hard work. Don't forget to let us know when you're planning your own event for inclusion in the Events List. We offer this as a free service to all those interested, getting more exposure not only within our pages but online as well. Simply email your event information (including contact) to

Be aware that we've discovered a "new" breed for the pages of American Livestock Magazine. With the addition of the Belgian blue cattle, we're expanding our diversity not only for our cattle friends, but all of the farming communities we reach. The advantage of diversity is that it gets you outside your own industry and widens the scope of the farming community.

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We are currently taking reservations for our Summer, 2015 issue that will cover you for May, June, and July. Summer is always a busy issue with shows and events; be sure to be included. Remember you are found both in the printed issue and online as well. Don't be left out as we expand the current livestock sections as well as finding new industries to introduce.

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