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Welcome to Fall 2014!

2014 is shaping up to be quite an exciting year on the farm. This spring we welcomed out newest grandbaby (#6) to the family, along with several beautiful new cria to the barnyard. We are spending the summer enjoying watching all the new babies grow and learn new skills each day. Just this past week Nina (#6) learned to roll over with the family cheering her on, and Laila (#5) is taking riding lessons on our vet's old boy Boomer. I haltered two of the juvie males (Encore & Beau) for the first time this week, and took their first stroll on the lead with very little resistance.

Our Fall 2014 cover story page 6 features Aunique Ranch Gypsy Horses. Please take some time to visit with Bobby & Jeanne Schlenk and their beautiful Gypsies. Bobby & Jeanne have "Aunique" style of raising their horses and invite you to visit their lovely ranch and "Be the Breeder".

Included within the pages of this issue is an article of special interest to me, with Laila learning to ride, by Denise Krause-"Horseback Riding on the Trail," page 14. Kathleen Smith's article "The Origin of the Lippitt Morgan may be found on page 34 and you have to check out Martha Gale's article for information regarding healthy milestones and tips for new foals on page 36.

As our family continues to grow by leaps and bounds ALM is pleased to welcome the new breeds of cattle to the growing American Livestock Magazine community. You can find an informative article by Burch Wallace on page 104 outlining just exactly why Wagyu cattle may be the "Perfect Breed," followed by an article on page 108 by John Kugler all about the British Whites. Don't forget to check out our Longhorn Breeders and the article by Kaso Kety giving us the history of the "Butler Bloodline" on page 94. Maureen Neidhardt has provided useful information in her Jersey Cattle article about "Raising Extra Calves" found on page 113. Also find Josh Bottleberghe's "History of the Miniature Zebu" on page 87. For those with smaller farms that would love cattle for beef or milk, you should honestly consider this breed. Please pay close attention to our Highland Cattle advertisers while you are looking through this section, as well as our other heritage cattle.

Our camelid breeders will enjoy a wealth of information from Niki Kuklenski, Marty McGee Bennett, and Teri Phipps. Lark Burnham has given us an article on Vitamins for this issue, on page 41 and please welcome Sea-90 Sea Minerals to American Livestock Magazine, page 80. We are using Sea Minerals around the farm as well as in our kitchen; we think they are wonderful products.

Rounding out this issue, another livestock option for small farms, the KuneKunes. The "Great Pigs" article by Matt Burton & Kathy Peterson can be located on page 20. Please visit our fiber section and enjoy contributions from Deb Rock-Angora Rabbits on page 128, and crochet pattern by Diana Blair entitled, "Three Fold Bag" on page 138, and last but not least an article by Frankie the Goat, "Get to Know Your Sweater" on page 126.

We are delighted to announce ALM now has a Pinterest page and a "Pin It" button has been added to our As always, a special Thank you to everyone who is a part of this wonderful publication, our contributors, our breeders, and advertisers. Happy Fall Ya'll!


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